Home Split Ac Repair Dubai: How to clean the outdoor unit of split Ac Year [2022]?

Home Split Ac Repair Dubai: How to clean the outdoor unit of split Ac Year [2022]?

Before transferring to the exterior unit of a split air conditioner, clean the inside unit. See our post on how to clean the internal unit of a split air conditioner for a complete explanation of how to do so.

Let’s get back to cleaning the outer unit of the split air conditioner. Learn how to do it by reading the steps below.

Turn off the power to the outside unit:

Because you’ll be cleaning the condenser fins with water, you don’t want it plugged into a power outlet. Unplug the breaker from the power supply to cut off the electricity to the outside device.

The Condenser Fins Must Be Vacuumed:

Take the vacuum outside and attach the brush attachment to the suction nozzle. The condenser fins are tiny metal lines inside the metal exterior unit. Using the vacuum, remove any visible dust and grime from the outer unit. Continue moving the brush in a straight line horizontally or vertically until the condenser seems clean and all dust has been sucked out.

Remove the grille from the outside unit:

Using a screwdriver, remove the grille from the outside unit. Using a screwdriver, remove the metal unit by unscrewing all of the bolts. Remove the condenser fan using a wrench after removing the metal unit.

Rinse the condenser fins with a hose:

Turn on the garden hose to clear the condenser fins from the metal unit’s interior. Use the spray attachment to create a heavier and finer mist from the hose. Do not apply excessive pressure to the fins; if the water pressure is too high, the fins may flex. After cleaning, all of the fins will be clear and clean, and your condenser will run smoothly. After washing the inside of the fins, allow the inside of the outside unit to dry completely.

Reassemble all of the parts as follows:

After the interior of the metal unit has dried completely, reattach the condenser fan with the required tools. Using a screwdriver, reattach the top of the outside unit’s grille. After reattaching all elements of the outside unit, connect the breaker to the power source and turn on the air conditioner. Check to see if everything is in working condition.

How to do ac service?

Your air conditioning system, like your vehicle’s oil change, has to be serviced on a yearly basis. Although having an HVAC technician come out for a yearly inspection and maintenance work is commonly referred to as AC service, you may be able to save money by doing all of the cleanings yourself.

That being said, you won’t be able to detect any deeper problems without the assistance of a knowledgeable specialist, so you should plan regular checkups to keep your home working properly.

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