AC Service Ultimate Guide Year [2022]: How to Ac Service at home?

AC Service Ultimate Guide Year [2022]: How to Ac Service at home?

Due to a shortage of service providers during the lockdown, are you unable to use your air conditioner? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Maintaining an air conditioner isn’t rocket science. How tough may it be to maintain your composure? We’ll clarify afterwards.

Step 1:

.What Will You Need for Ac Servicing at home

  • To service your air conditioner, you’ll need the following equipment.
  • a great quantity of water, especially from a hose
  • Spray disinfectant or soap solution
  • Cleaning brushes or used paint brushes
  • A degreasing solution is necessary for stubborn dirt.
  • Newspaper rags from the past
  • A screwdriver and a multi-tool set are required to dismantle the device.


Step 2:

Taking Out the Unit

Some air conditioners may not need to be completely removed from the window if the external condenser is easily accessible. It’s best to take the unit out of its slot and clean it well.

By opening the front panel, you can remove the AC filter. It’s usually easy to locate. Then remove the front panel from the frame by unscrewing any holding screws. Disconnect any cables that are connected to the control unit.

Disconnect the power supply to the air conditioner and, if appropriate, the stabiliser unit. Make sure the plug or power is turned off before you begin.

Pull the device toward you after removing any holding screws from the frame. Due to the weight of window air-conditioning systems, which can range from 40 to 60 kg, this would necessitate the aid of two people.

Step 3:

Keeping the Unit Clean

The fins on the condenser and evaporator units are quite sensitive, so handle them with care. Using a paintbrush dipped in the cleaning solution, clean the fins. To clean the condenser, use a large amount of soap solution.

Avoid getting water into the fan motor when cleaning it. Cleaning it with a damp towel is best. Using a hose, spray the condenser and evaporator. Allow two hours for air drying or use a reversible vacuum cleaner to dry the item.

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