Home Repair Dubai Ac Cleaning Service: How to wash Ac indoor Unit in year [2022] ?

How to wash Ac indoor Unit? Guide from Home Repair Dubai

Air conditioners are essential for keeping our homes and businesses at a reasonable temperature, especially during the summer. Split air conditioners have become a common feature in most homes, keeping you cool all summer long.

Long-term usage of your air conditioner without regular maintenance might lead to it breaking down and incurring extra expenditures.


  • Make sure the air conditioner is thoroughly dry before using it.
  • Disconnect the gadget from its power supply.
  • Cover the device with a cleaning bag.
  • Disconnect the Front Panel
  • Remove the Air Filters.

How to wash an outdoor unit?

  • Cleaning agent for air conditioner coils (when selecting a cleaning product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Vacuum attachment with a soft brush
  • Attached to a water hose is a sprayer.
  • Work clothes, gloves, and safety glasses are all necessary.


Follow the steps:

  • Ensure that the thermostat is turned off.
  • The electrical disconnect (a metal box) is usually positioned on an external wall near your outdoor unit.
  • By opening the electrical disconnect, locate the switch that turns off the air conditioner. It’s possible to use a pullout switch or a circuit breaker to turn off the power. Simply disconnect the gadget or flip the switch to the “off” position to turn it off.
  • Using gloved hands, remove any big pieces of trash.
  • Vacuum the condenser fins carefully with a gentle brush attachment. Make sure none of the fins are bent.
  • With the water hose spray, remove any loose debris (grass, leaves, etc.) from the exterior unit.
  • The exterior unit should be sprayed with coil cleaning.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes for the cleaner to foam and bind with the crud on the coils.
  • Rinse the coil cleaner using the hose.


How to wash indoor split Ac unit?

Because an air conditioner’s (AC) performance is only as good as its internal workings, clean the inside unit more regularly before cleaning the exterior component.

A service that is offered inside a unit is known as indoor-unit service.

First and foremost, place a cleaning bag around the whole split A/C system. This prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on the floor. Don’t be a mongrel and purchase one of these bags instead!

Purchase a bag with a cinch – holders – so you can rapidly loosen or tighten the whole indoor unit’s body. For optional sorting, you may alternatively use an empty rubbish bag instead of a specialised cleaning bag.

How to clean outdoor split Ac unit?

Turn off the power to the outside unit.

You don’t want the AC hooked into a power outlet since you’ll be washing the fins with water. To be safe, unplug the breaker from the power source.

With a brush attachment, vacuum the condenser fins. Move horizontally and vertically in straight lines after cleaning the system of dust and debris until the condenser is shining and clean.

Remove the grille from the top of the condenser. Use a wrench or a Philip’s screwdriver to loosen fasteners and separate the metal unit. Double-check the manufacturer’s handbook for the safest technique of removing the condenser fan as a precaution.

 Split Ac How to clean?

In Brisbane, split air conditioners are the most common air conditioning system. If your air conditioner only cools one room or region of your house, you most likely have a split system.

This kind of air conditioner has two units: one inside and one outside. The inside unit is a long, compact rectangle placed into the wall. A condenser, often known as a compressor, is a large metal box that sits outside.

Unlike ducted air conditioners, which have ductwork built throughout the ceiling, split air conditioners utilise pipes to link the outside unit to the interior air unit. Because of their simple design, split air conditioners are simple to clean.

Cleaning an air conditioner consists of the following steps:

is to switch off the power:

Make sure there is no electricity going through your air conditioner before cleaning it. Turn off all electricity to your air conditioner, including the outlets it’s hooked into, the circuit board, and, if possible, the wall charger.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions:

Most air conditioners come with an instruction booklet that explains how to access and clean the air filters and other components on your own. If you don’t have your instruction manual, you may download one from the manufacturer’s website.

Make sure your filter panels are free of debris:

In a traditional split air conditioning system, one or two air filter panels are installed. These are your air conditioner’s first line of defence against dust and germs. You may also notice that your air conditioner has a secondary filter (such as a HEPA or carbon filter) that assists in air purification.



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