Home Repair Dubai Ac Servicing Dubai: How to Service Ac in Year [2022] ?

Home Repair Dubai Ac Servicing Dubai: How to Service Ac?

Your air conditioning system, like your vehicle’s oil change, has to be serviced on an annual basis. Although having an HVAC technician come out for a yearly inspection and maintenance work is often referred to as AC service, you may be able to save money by doing all of the cleaning yourself.

However, without the assistance of a qualified specialist, you won’t be able to detect any underlying concerns, so a regular inspection is necessary to keep things cool in your house.

How frequently should your air conditioner be serviced?

Have your system examined by a service technician once a year. A annual service visit will save a bunch of little problems from becoming out of hand. Bacteria and grime may build up within the components of your air conditioner if it isn’t serviced, leading it to start spewing out dangerous microorganisms.

In addition, the system will cease operating correctly, leading your energy bills to skyrocket. An annual service can keep these problems in control.

What does air conditioning maintenance entail?

They’ll clean the inside, fans, and coils to keep it spotless. Keep the fan, casing, and coils clean for healthy, cool air. They’ll thoroughly clean your air conditioner to prevent germs and dirt from building within. They may also make adjustments to your fan if it’s out of balance to keep your house cool and pleasant throughout the summer.

 How to service Ac Indoor Unit?

Air conditioners are required to maintain a suitable temperature in places like a house or a place of work. Split air conditioners are one of the most common types of ductless cooling systems.

The indoor unit is usually a long rectangle that fits into a home’s wall, while the condenser/compressor — the exterior unit – is a large metal box that contains the back-end airflow components. This article will teach you how to clean the interior unit of a split air conditioning system.

Indoor-Unit Service is a service offered inside the confines of a unit:

First and foremost, place a cleaning bag around the whole split A/C system. This prevents dirt and dust from accumulating on the floor. Don’t be a mongrel and purchase one of these bags instead!

 Steps to clean indoor Ac unit:

Shake the filters outdoors to remove any apparent dust and dirt before starting the cleaning procedure. Wash the filters with running water if required to remove any persistent dust. It’s easiest to just rinse the filters in a sink or big basin with lukewarm tap water.

If the filters aren’t too filthy, give them a quick rinse. If running water doesn’t work, use a sponge or cleaning pad to gently massage in a little cleaning softener. After that, just rinse the filter and allow it to dry fully in the open air.

Next, blow out the dust from the cooling fans. Attach a thin, canister-like adaptor to your air blower to remove dust from the rear of the indoor unit. The cooling fins seem like a series of metallic lines running parallel to the rear of the air conditioner. Blowing air through these smooth fins is a must.

You may also use a vacuum attachment, which works in the same way as an air blower but collects dust in the vacuum cleaner’s bin area.

How to service split Ac?

Air conditioners are essential for keeping our homes and businesses at a reasonable temperature, especially during the summer.

Split air conditioners are now commonplace in most homes, keeping you cool throughout the hot summer months. Long-term usage of your air conditioner without regular maintenance might lead it to break down and cost you a lot of money.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning an air conditioner is critical for fresh, free-flowing air and increasing the unit’s life. Cleaning the inner division of a split air conditioner should be straightforward if you follow the steps below:

Make sure the air conditioner is thoroughly dry before using it:

If the air conditioner has been operated, moisture and, most likely, water will be present. Before you start cleaning your air conditioner, make sure it is completely dry. To allow the moisture drain, set the air conditioner to “Fan Mode” and keep it running for 30-40 minutes.

Disconnect the gadget from its power supply:

Before cleaning any equipment, make sure it is unplugged from the power source. Make sure your air conditioner is switched off before removing it for cleaning.

Cover the device with a Cleaning Bag:

When you unhook the AC from the power source, place a big trash bag or an air-conditioning bag around the inside unit to capture all the falling dirt and drippings.

To remove the front panel, follow these steps:

To obtain access to the inside of your air conditioner’s inner unit, locate the latches or tabs that secure the front panel, undo the latches or push the tabs, and gently raise the panel upwards. If the panel would not come out, wipe the inside with one hand while holding it.

Disconnect the Air Filters:

Your air filters are the long rectangular sections that are fixed to the unit when you remove or pull up the front panel of your split air conditioner. By squeezing the tabs that connect the air filters to the device, the air filters may be removed.

If you can’t locate the tabs, look them up in the user manual. Remove the dust from the filters with a vacuum cleaner or a toothbrush.

Air Filters Should Be Cleaned:

After cleaning the air filters and properly removing them from the unit, wash them with mild soap and cold water to eliminate any leftover dirt particles. To eliminate all dust, softly scrub the filters with a sponge or a cleaning pad. Give the filters a thorough clean and let them air dry fully before reinstalling them.

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